Jonathan & Christine {Married} | Madison Wedding Photographer

If I were to pick just one thing that stuck out at this wedding… I couldn’t. It was like nothing I’ve seen so far. I’ve known Christine for a very long time and I have always loved her! I adore her Mom too! My sister was the maid of honor in this wedding as well. So, I went in feeling connected. I had no idea. Alisa came along with me and it is safe to say that what happened before, during, and after the ceremony moved both of us.

The theme of Christine and Jonathan’s wedding had to do with books and when I spotted a library in the church, I was thrilled. Got to shooting details and realized that in this wedding, it was more than shooting details and capturing the moments… it was feeling the emotion. Alisa and I headed down to take some quick shots of the guys before the ceremony started and what happened in that room was so very impressive. They sang a beautiful song and prayed. I have never been in a room of men singing so beautifully and so faithfully and it was inspiring. We didn’t want to leave but we had to keep moving. The ceremony was filled with tears, cameras, “let’s go’s” cameras, happiness, cameras… you get the idea. I’m thinking their wedding album(s) will be thick!

We had a really awesome time at Pope Farm Park as well afterwards. The clouds and sun were perfect. I didn’t get to take the 2 shots that were peircing my brain the entire week before the wedding, but I’m confident they won’t mind. They were a bit on the artsy side and there just “wasn’t time” as often is the case. Nice to have Alisa along, though, because we were able to split up and get a lot more images taken at Pope Farm and that always makes me happy. Alisa is so talented and to have her along is priceless.

The reception was equally as beautiful. Some very touching (literally) speeches and good food and drinks. The dance was graced with Bucky Badger and Jonathan and Christine left through a tunnel of beautiful sparklers. It was only after editing did I see in the final picture the words on the building “Let There Be Light.” So fitting.

I hope you 2 are enjoying a wonderful honeymoon. I sincerely thank you for letting us be a part of such a beautiful day.


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