Joey & Sara {Married} | The Wilderness | Wisconsin Dells Photographer

If I’m being honest, I was completely SHOCKED when I got an email from Sara. I had only 1 wedding to show and only 1 other on the books. So, I was in a bit of disbelief. I remembered her dad (he was my high school chemistry teacher) and could recall what Sara looked like, but not having met her. Hard to forget someone as beautiful as Sara. And after I met her for the engagement session–hard to forget someone that sweet too. Okay… Joey, you’re pretty sweet too 🙂 When I think of their engagement session and seeing them on their wedding day, I get choked up. It is clear they are in love and it is a deep and meaningful love. Alisa and I were honored to be there. And we always leave feeling a part of something. We get to know a bride and groom through their wedding party, the speeches, the family, the way they interact with one another and everyone else. And rain or shine, Sara was beaming and Joey looked so proud and genuinely happy.

Technically, I thought we were set. I was looking forward to the forcasted sunshine and all those glowy, sunbeams coming through in the images we were going to take outside at their ceremony and the family and friends there after. Sara was so calm and collected as the decision was made to bring everything in. The rain started slowly and looked like it would go away but in the middle of family photos it was too much to make it through… and one of my favorite images is the absolute worst in composition. Literally standing against a door… but you can tell that not even the rain could stop them from enjoying such a momentous afternoon at the Wilderness.

Want to take a moment to thank my cousin, Alisa, for shooting with me again. Some of these images could not happen without a 2nd and I’m so thankful to have such talent by my side.

Nothing but the best, Sara and Joey. Can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on me and letting me be a part of what was a beautiful wedding. I hope you are enjoying a lovely honeymoon and a wonderful first week of marriage.


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