Jinky Art Workshop | Pacifica, California

I’ve had quite a few people ask “how’d that happen?” How did Amanda and I ever find each other on a trip together to take a class? Amanda, the brilliant physician and self-taught amazing photographer, and myself. I remember running around Amanda’s house when we were little, though I was in her sister’s class and always there to hang out with Krista–Amanda was always the big sister. But the older you get, the more age becomes irrelevant. Over the years, Amanda and I have talked back and forth about photography and in passing, I mentioned to her she should check out Jinky Art. And though I don’t quite remember the exact words. It went something along the lines of me telling her if she ever wanted to go to a Jinky Art class… I would go too. You know those things we say but never actually intend to happen. I meant it–just never in my wildest dreams saw it happening. Wildest dreams happen.

When she first messaged me, I thought it was some sort of joke. But the plans began to brew and I became nervous–not only at my chance to meet Barb, the amazingly brilliant photographer behind Jinky Art, but a trip with Amanda–someone I had seen as a client a few times and with whom I chatted occasionally on facebook about photos. The more we talked, the more things just sort of fell into place. She had found a hotel online that I’d booked and cancelled twice before… always a dream of mine to stay in Half Moon Bay at the Ritz but never seemed practical. And I learned Amanda turns dreams into reality. She is a thinker and very organized and very smart and I found myself to be a bit of a go-with-the-flow more than I thought I was–which was very relaxing. Less planning and thinking like a mom, more enjoying the ride as it came.

It was my third trip to San Fran in 1 year. Two hours after we landed, I shot an engagement session (here) for a couple I’m so excited to work with next year!!!! They showed us a spot I’ve always wanted to see and so much more–very hospitable and we loved spending the evening with them! I’d also never seen Alcatraz—Amanda was up for it on day 2. It was amazing. She has a love of trees like I do–Muir Woods was beautiful even without the beams of sun peaking through. Stumbled upon a gorgeous beach on our way out of town, too. And then we made it to Half Moon Bay for a night. By then, I was so comfortable with Amanda–felt like we had been best friends for years–my nerves shifted towards meeting a whole new crowd of brilliant photographers from all over the world. And the photo shoots and the panoramic views and the wine–all fabulous. It’s such a strange feeling to travel to a new place with new people and spend most waking moments for 2.5 days together and just leave. I always feel so much closer and yet, we may never see one another again. I would love to, though.

Photographers are tricky things. Very competitive locally and a good support group exists. But some things you just can’t talk with “the competition” about and I’m so fortunate to have so many brilliant photographers in my life around the world to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

And I gained a dear friend. I’m certain Amanda will be one of those that I don’t talk too often but can pick up where we left off. We’ll always have California 🙂


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