Indian Lake | Cross Plains Family Photographer

Happy MONDAY! June is full force for me right now. Weekends are packed with weddings and weeknights family sessions. I’m close to keeping up with posts (YAY), but this one is a little behind.

These 2 sweet peas were FANTASTIC. They were in such good moods despite it being 7 pm and climbing a hill 🙂 It was worth it. The above shot is my favorite and there are about 20 taken in the same spot (same dreamy light) that I could not pick between (sorry mom and dad). E had 6 balloons because she is 6 and S had 4. How creative was that? Good job, Mom.  I had, as I usually say–but mean, a great time. Got there a pinch early and went on a long (lost) hike around the pond paths and it was gorgeous. We ended up not using anything I found but it was a peaceful walk for me all the same. Not so peaceful near the end–wasn’t sure where I was and I’m sure I looked a little crazy from a distance, but I got some excersize in 🙂

Mom did her research. We hiked to the top and found a very awesome little chapel with a neat story and a view. It was dreamy for me because the sun was setting and the light was fantastic!

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Will have an engagement session and a wedding this week for you. (from my Friday and Saturday last week). Stay tuned!



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