Hilltop Spring Green | Fritz & Grace {Married} | Spring Green Wedding Photographer

It was a H.O.T. afternoon at the Hilltop in Spring Green. But the sun was shining, the air was calm, the light very lovely. Add to that the beautiful Grace and talented Fritz, a gorgeous Catalpa tree, and a very caring and joyous group of family and friends = perfect.   Grace had given me a heads up about Amazing Grace being sung and I don’t think it hit me. When her uncle began to sing, I immediately turned my head. It was AMAZING. And beautiful. And everyone joining in on the hilltop as the sun settled down behind the tree gave me chills.

There were lovely refreshments in mason jars, beautiful flowers, a romantic setting, a LIVE BRASS BAND. It was all a little dreamy for Alisa and I.

The above picture was taken with my new lens. FIRST time I got it out. I have to admit, I’ve been toying with it since and have not been as lucky.

Congratulations, Fritz and Grace. It was an absolutely lovely wedding and we enjoyed our time with you and your loved ones so much! Thank you for having us!

Everyone else, words cannot express how happy I am with business. I’ve been keeping very busy. I appreciate your patience. I’m trying to respond to everyone as quickly as I can and keep up on shooting and editing too! This time last year I think I had about 2 sessions in June. This June has had about 30. SO MUCH FUN.

Happy Monday Evening. Spent mine with 3 adorable little ones visiting home from North Carolina. If you caught the sunset tonight–you’d know… I was one happy camper and it was my luck they were happy campers too 🙂




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