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The more and more I get into this business, the more and more things surprise me. Really, I have slight conversations with people about location but when going over to someone’s home, you just never know. Mom said “her dad made a mural in her bedroom for her” and, to be honest, I’ve seen some pretty rough looking murals. I’VE MADE SOME ROUGH-LOOKING MURALS. I was sure I was having a daughter and added pink to my nursery walls in my so-called “mural” and I think both my husband and I were glad when we had to paint over it!!! This is VERY different. Was one of the most beautiful nurseries I’ve ever seen… even in a magazine. So it was a pleasant surprise.
The time went so quickly and she was such a happy camper that 30 minutes into shooting I was thinking we had enough. I’m glad I didn’t stop—because the kitchen shots are a few of my favorites.

I tend to shy away from early afternoon sessions, but we lucked out with weather–clouds! Planned to go to a park but their lawn was even nicer! And the home… beautiful home. Always excited to see a great house with a lot of natural light that someone is comfortable with me shooting in. Beautiful!

I say it so often, I hope people don’t think i’m JUST saying it, but I really enjoyed spending time with you 3. Very nice way to end my afternoon!

This weekend (the long one) I have 4 family sessions and a wedding. I just booked another 2013 wedding and I could not be more excited. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend! Crossing my fingers for good weather!




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