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Hey there. One thing a lot of you have noticed is my lack of blogging this year. The truth is, I’ve just been too busy. I have been posting weddings and engagements on the blog but not many family sessions. If I posted a family session here, it’s because they aren’t on Facebook. Regardless, I am sorry to those of you who I know are faithful bloggies (is that a word???) who have missed out on my fantastic way with words (extreme sarcasm).

It has been a WONDERFUL AMAZING year for me. My first full-time year shooting photos professionally. I’ve gotten to travel for photography, meet so many lovely, lovely people, and in the process–do something I love. I’m addicted to taking photos and editing them. I thought I may burn out and not be able to take personal photos anymore (at which point I’d be searching for a “real” job), but my boys are still so much fun for me to photograph. If we are “friends” on Facebook, you’d know I don’t go anywhere without the camera. This summer I took my boys and nephew to Parfey’s Glen and this is one of my favorite trips. 100 degrees, very humid, but what a beautiful, amazing experience we were lucky enough to have. This was one of my favorite photos from the summer. I don’t share too many personal things here–but thought I would now as I’m wishing all a fantastic 2014.So, back to business. If you were a client in 2013, THANK YOU. I was overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful people in this world. At my previous position for UW Hospital, I was starting to wonder about the human race. I’m rambling on. I was blown away by sweet words and wisdom this year and I hope it never ends. I’m blessed without a doubt.

The unfortunate part of this post, which I have been dreading and re-writing in my head for a month or so, is my “investment page.” Some of you were with me years ago when I was shooting for free, then $85, $165, $200, and I hated every single price increase. This year of full-timed-ness took me to an accountant. Unfortunately, I didn’t charge sales tax or take into consideration mileage and wear and tear on my gear—and so I’m left with a bit of a Canon bill and an enormous estimated tax bill! So, my family session rates have increased. AND availability will change as well. I missed a lot of tee-ball games this summer and as the boys have been growing and changing, I realized that life is too short!

I’m wishing you all a fantastic 2014. If I had the pleasure of meeting you in 2013–THANK YOU from every part of my heart. Looking forward to an already busy wedding season in 2014 and will open the calendar for scheduling 2014 family sessions on January 2nd.






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