Delafield Brewhaus | Derrick & Melinda {Married}

I’m baaaaaa-aaaack. I’m alive!!! I haven’t been feeling like it lately. Lesson learned: 2 weddings in 1 weekend is tricky. Every weekend in June I have at least 1 wedding, most of them 2. I thought I would be tired, exhausted, you name it… but if anything, I am excited. Every wedding is so different and has such a different vibe that it keeps things very interesting. Brides are branching off of traditional and adding fun little ways to spice things up. This wedding was no different. I gotta say, I’m running on 3 hours of sleep, editing around the clock to get these 2 weddings and a family session from this weekend done to keep people happy. I’m VERY proud to have my turnaround time still be about 1-2 weeks for everything I’ve shot so far this year (KNOCK ON WOOD). The blog, however, is suffering. I can’t honestly say if I’ve gotten everything up here in order or put on a lengthy narrative for everyone, but know that my heart is still in it and I’m still loving every second—just not the writing part.

But. I. will. try. …

Derrick and Melinda. Met them in the winter for an engagement session in Madison. They are from the Milwaukee area and I left their session feeling like we didn’t personalize it enough. The one shot Melinda asked about had some lighting issues and I felt as though I let them down a bit. Melinda was SO good about the distance thing too. I don’t really ever get to the Delafield area but she took pictures and videos of parks and spots we could hit up for pictures and I couldn’t be more appreciative. You never know what you show up to, but I was excited to see shade, GREEN GRASS (mine is currently brown), and a group of guys in awesome attire. I didn’t talk details much with Melinda beforehand and was plesantly surprised to see such awesome dresses and coordination—and everyone knows I love wine—so the brewery was right up my alley. Very nice place.

I have to say one of my favorite shots is Melinda’s dad signing “I love you” in his speech. I recognized it from the engagement session. Lots of love happening in this group–a lot of fun, facial expressions, and CUTE CUTE CUTE kids. Hope you enjoy the preview, guys. Really appreciate the opportunity and wish you the best of luck in the future!

Special thanks to my sister, Katie, for helping out. A few of these are hers! Always fun to “work” with her… and this drive gave us tons of gab time too!




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