Cute As A Button | Epic | Verona Child Photographer

This was my 2nd time photographing this absolutely sweet little girl. Her dad works at Epic and suggested we shoot there. At first, I was thinking… “office buildings??” YES, that would be a first, YES that would be different, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. THEN, Mom mentioned “adult-size tree house” and I was excited! I looked it up online a bit and did some research and Dad took all sorts of “scouting” pictures for me of the different spots at Epic–and they were all “Epic.” 😀 I had so much fun. It was a back-to-back session with my family below and the rain had not yet gotten to Verona and we were lucky with the light too! It was a really good afternoon and I so enjoyed my time with this family. The first time was cold and soooo not good and I should have called it since she was so young. Was positive I would not hear from them again. We attempted an apple orchard the first time and I was SO excited but without the sunlight I had hoped for and warm weather … well, I’ll just say I will NEVER forget that session! I’m so happy for second chances too!

I’m getting ready for a big wedding tomorrow and I cannot wait. Alisa and I are shooting together and I’m always so excited to work with her. She is my cousin, afterall, and VERY talented and has taught me SO much. She had lived in PA for a long time and when she moved to Wisconsin, I was soooo thrilled. Even if Mother Nature gives us a run for the money with hail and lightening tomorrow, we’ll have some awesome lighting to make some awesome shots! Cannot wait! Sunday, rain pending, is another fun session in New Glarus for me! Very excited to meet a new little man and his family.

Wishing you all a very wonderful weekend. I’ll leave you with the rest. She loves buttons–isn’t that the sweetest thing???????













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