{Chris & Julie} Married | Mansion Hill Inn | Bellini | Madison Wedding Photographer

We (Katie and I) were so honored to be a part of this day. I had met with Chris and Julie last year in my first wedding interview and enjoyed them both. We talked over everything, but one part was missing (or I didn’t hear it)… location. To say that I was impressed with Mansion Hill Inn is a huge understandment. It was such a gorgeous venue. I had done some online research when Julie gave me the details and considered myself lucky to shoot there and it was even more breathtaking in person. Bellini is such a neat spot as well! I cannot thank you two enough for inviting us in and sharing this special day. We both enjoyed our time Saturday evening. It was beyond gorgeous and always so great to be around people in love (and having a good time). We didn’t stay for any dancing, but I could tell the way this gentleman pictured near the end serenaded the group while dining … it was going to be a lovely evening.

A side note–I thought it was fun to see the 2 different perspectives when going through these shots. My favorites I posted–the ladies putting the finishing touches on the dress (Katie was behind them, I was to the side) and the ladies headed down the beautiful stairwell! We both had some really fun angles to work with!

Thank you so much—AND CONGRATULATIONS!




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