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Hello all. It’s Tuesday… finally 🙂

This past Saturday, I packed up my gear and headed south. Sara and Kyle are getting married in Wisconsin, where their story started out, but they both ended up in Chicago as adults. SO, they were cute little kids running around with goggles and swimcaps (at least that’s how I picture it) and my hope was to put them in goggles again for these, but the night light and not wanting to put goggle marks on their foreheads to edit out left us with the ring shot below!!!

Anyway, when Sara and I started our engagement session conversation, we originally thought of doing them somewhere a little country like their wedding will be (SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEDDING). But when I saw a return address of Chicago, my heart skipped a beat and I mentioned to her that I don’t mind the drive at all 😉  After some thought, she said something like “lets try it!” and so we did. Had no problems finding the place, a few problems with traffic. I love that we had such a calm day at Lincoln Park and smooth sailing around town as well. I saw parts of downtown that I’d never seen before and it was amazing! I drove home (though I wanted to stay so badly I could TASTE the cheesecake in my mouth) and wondered if I spent too much time gawking and enjoying the sights and sounds and not enough time shooting. So, I’ll stop my rambling on and on and leave you with the images. Or perhaps I should say “photos.” A friend of mine just joked that he is not a pictographer…

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.




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