{Cal and Lindsey} Engaged | Madison Wedding Photographer | Softball, Park Street, Arboretum

 SO–I have known Lindsey for a LONG time. We played t-ball together! I met Cal in college. . . before they knew eachother! Had I known… I could have saved them some time 🙂

I always ask couples what they do for fun, any combined hobbies they have, how they met, how they got engaged, etc., (and now that I’m thinking of it–we forgot the skiing proposal picture!!!!) and go from there. Sometimes all it takes is an outfit to get things going. So, these 2 like softball! We started at a diamond! We headed down to Park Street and I had a number of places in my head we should stop but changed it all around about an hour before I met with them… and they rolled with it. We ended up at the arboretum. Lindsey mentioned boots and I thought country and I had looked at her pins on pinterest and knew what she liked and we went from there! Lots of color in these!

Weather permitting, I get to meet a new cutie pie tomorrow night and Saturday is a wedding at Mansion Hill (YAY). I’m so excited for both!

Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday! Thanks for scoping out the site!


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