Brooklyn Family Photographer | I referred to it as “Bwooklyn”

OKAY.  This is my 3rd attempt at blogging tonight. Must. get. back. to. editing.

So–I’m sorry to slight this post, but i’m so lacking in the computer department that there isn’t much more time I can spend on it.

GORGEOUS location in Brooklyn (it was fun telling my husband I was headed to “bwooklyn”), very sweet family celebrating 30-year establishment (happy anniversary, again)! Sun got to us. Wanted to spend more time at the location–but the sun just got too wild. So nice to meet everyone, though, so up and ready to go! Happy and easy going–my kind of group!

I’m 11 sessions behind. Facebook is just easier to post pictures on–so that happens the day of or within 24 hours of a session. Here is trickier. So time consuming, but I WILL get to it 🙂 I’ve been keeping busy with sessions and meeting couples. A lot of cool pictures headed your way.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. If you’re on Facebook, scope out my page. I just posted a picture of my cutie pies enjoying the outdoors. I’m trying to keep a healthy balance of getting my evening dose of fun with them AND stick with the 1-week turnaround. So far, so good. Hope I didn’t jinx it!

until tomorrow (hopefully)!


ps–these are backwards—wordpress hates me 😉



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