Apples, Fishin, & Stars

I kept thinking the whole time that we were at the beach of the story winkin, blink, and nod one night sailed off in the ocean blue… because the little man above looked SO DARN cute with his fishing gear and lantern. And then this happened. I was driving home and looking through the photos intermittently when I noticed something moving through the photos in the sky. Whether it’s a falling star or a meteor I don’t know, but it was a nice little surprise. He is almost 2. And has the energy of a 2 year old boy to prove it. Curious, busy, happy, always on the move. And soooooooo cute. His eyes make your heart melt. And he has the sweetest smile too–when he wants to show you 🙂 Loves apples and mom is a photographer too and came with all of these fun props to use. I was in antique heaven… makes me want to go shopping but I’m not sure I can keep up! I loved seeing you 3 again this year–thank you so much for the honor. So neat to see how much he has grown! Time really flies by.

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