Allen Centennial Gardens | Madison Child Photographer

We still call her “baby.” But she is now a toddler. I was lucky enough to meet her on day 1 of life and I’ve loved her ever since. She is sweet and knows how to control her mom and dad already and it’s cute (for me) to see. I feel like every time I see her she has changed leaps and bounds and I’d like to see her more, but you know how life goes. She is 3 months younger than my little guy and I’m so excited to see them play together this weekend. I missed her 1st birthday party and I was bound and determined to make it happen this time …. and I cannot wait! I need some “Is” time.

It is a crazy busy week for me. I have so much to post (2 weddings behind now) and every night this week i’m shooting or meeting with couples…. so really hoping to keep up. I’m off in ten minutes to a family session with a classmate I haven’t seen since 1998! Should be fun despite the heat.

Hope you are all staying cool.




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