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I'm a fairly simple person. I'm lucky to be following my heart. Every day that goes by, I am thankful for this opportunity. People are always smiling at me!

Photographs move me. Music moves me. My boys inspire me. My husband encourages me. Life is good.

I've photographed people entering the world, loving life, struggling to survive, and others celebrating a life lost. My goal with any photo is to find true emotion, true life; these are my favorite photos.

I love to meet new people and see old friends again. New places, familiar places, love them both the same. I like to think I live every day like it is my last and treat others accordingly. I take photos to remember, saving a bit of the good times to cherish some day down the road.

photo credit on the boat goes to my equally talented husband, Luke. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my boys, cheering on whatever sport they are playing and loving every minute of it!

photo credit on the top photo... believe it or not, my oldest son. He is pretty proud to be the artist!


Heirlooms • laughter • light



That first photo is of my mum, myself, and my dad—when I was a babe. PC: Grandma Sutter

“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

Light—The unpredictable ways in which light lends itself to us inspires me.

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